Validate your web analytics installation

If you have doubts whether your web analytics software is measuring everything or the data you're relying on is valid, this is the service you're looking for. We'll do a data validity check and tell you what is and isn't working.

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Is your web analytics implemented correctly?

When you rely on your web analytics to make decisions on what strategy to follow and doing business online, it's necessary to have data you can trust. And often, this is not the case. Especially when dealing with e-commerce websites, high traffic websites or apps and applications with technical challenges (iframes, cross-domain tracking, enhanced e-commerce,...).

You should have a Web Analytics audit done if you experience:

  • Duplicate page views or pages missing
    Pages get too many hits and/or pages that should have traffic aren't showing up in your analytics
  • Inaccurate bounce rates
    You're seeing unrealistic bounce rates, e.g. under 5% or over 98%.
  • Incorrect traffic sources
    Referrals from your own domain or your Payment Service Provider
  • Flaws in e-commerce data
    The e-commerce data being measured is missing transactions or information on shipping costs, taxes or product categories.
  • Goal are not being tracked
    Goals are setup but aren't showing any data.
  • Filters are messing up your data
    Filters are manipulating your web analytics data in a way you haven't forseen.
  • Duplicate search terms, events and/or page views
    Events, search terms and page views contain duplicates.

And many more...

Web Analytics Audit

If you have doubts whether you current web analytics implementation is correct, Digital Optimizers can help. We are web analytics specialists and can help you by validating your current web analytics implementation.

Hiring us will result in:

  • Validation of the implementation
    We'll check your analytics implementation to see if everything is being measured correctly
  • Creation of a buglist report
    You'll receive a list of issues / bugs we encounter and the preferred method to fix these problems
  • Suggestions & advise
    We will include a list of suggestions that can take your web analytics implementation to the next step.

Analytics Audit price

A web analytics audit will cost € 600 excl. VAT. You'll receive a detailed report with the tracking issues, suggestions on how to fix the issues and tips for taking your web analytics to the next level.

Want us to fix issues we've found?
If needed, we can not only address the problems but fix them at the same time. This will probably save you time and money. The Audit report will include a price estimate for having Digital Optimizers fixing the issues.

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