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Evidence-based customer experience & conversion optimization

Our passion
Optimization of the customer experience based on data gathered from web analytics, Top Tasks, Task Performance Indicators and the Customer Centric Index Score. We are continuously monitoring and improving websites, apps & intranets with A/B-, multivariate & qualitative user testing.

Web Analytics - Customer Centric Index - Top Task Management - Task Performance Indicators

Web Analytics

We're giving online data a human face for evidence-based, data-driven optimizing of the online customer experience.

As a Digital Optimizer (web analyst / conversion consultant / usability expert) we help companies with optimizing owned media channels (website, app, intranet). This means analyzing data, implementing web analytics software, usability research (testing, surveys, heatmaps, screen recordings), a/b-testing, personalization and linking CRM, email & analytics data together for a 360 degrees customer view and conversion attribution model.

We are specialized in web analytics tracking of e-commerce websites (e.g. Mazda Europe, Stage Entertainment, and work closely together with publicity agencies, online agencies and technical parties in Europe for Google Analytics / tag management implementations and dashboarding.

Customer Centric Index

You want to optimize your website, improve your customer experience or boost conversion? Through 12 years of research and work on the best websites and intranets we have identified the qualities that make a site work for customers!

Identify what your customers like - and don't like!
With his online survey, you can find out what your customers real experience is with your website or app. Hear from them about what they most want to see improved.

"It's an actionable Net Promotor Score. It tells you what you need to work on next to improve your customer experience."

Find out how it works and get a free account at

Top Task Management

Digital Optimizers is a global partner of Customer Carewords - Gerry McGovern and is an expert in Top Task Management (identifying, testing and optimizing your site's top tasks to improve your business).

"Guy is person of great intelligence, enthusiasm and modesty with a passion to do great work that is good for people!"

Gerry McGovern

Customer Top Tasks
Find out what matters most to your customers. Identify the top tasks of your customers and identify tiny tasks (the ones that are getting in the way). Tried and trusted approach. Used by Cisco, NetApp, Microsoft and Google Search. More on Top Task Identification

Task Performance Indicators

The Task Performance Indicator (TPI) is a solidly reliable management model which is driven by two key metrics of the customer experience:

Success rate: How many customers are actually able to complete tasks?
Time-on-task: How long does it take customers to complete tasks on your website or app?

You can show to management how increasing success and reducing time have a positive impact on revenue and costs. The TPI puts you in control of your own destiny. If you make improvements to your website or app, then these improvements will show up as higher success rates and lower task times the next time you run a TPI.

Events 2017

  • July 6 - Logius: Lecture Optimization
  • June 6 - Brakke Grond: Workshop
  • May 15 - Netpresenter: Workshop
  • April 6 - Masterclass 'Measuring the Customer Experience' - More info
  • April 5 - Cascadis congres 2017: Customer Centric Index
  • March 13 - Ambert Alert: Workshop
  • March 9 - DUO Particulier: Customer Centric Index presentatie
  • March 7 - Customer Centric Index webinar - Register
  • March 7 - SiteImprove: Customer Centric Index presentatie
  • Februari 7 - GreenValley: workshop Top Tasks
  • Februari 7 - Customer Centric Index Webinar
  • Januari 24 - Top Tasks Results Diabetes Association the Netherlands


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