Why use external Web Analytics experts?

What's the benefit of using external Web Analytics experts when implementation web analytics software on your website, app or intranet?

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Benefits of external web analytics experts

Maybe it does not feel right to ask experts outside your inner-circle to help with such a crucial job. We fully understand! There are many benefits with choosing experts. Quite often, a professional installation helps your own team to kick-start the project by having a fully operational web analytics implementation up and running. You can tweak and optimize from the start. Avoid common pitfalls and have an expert on speed-dial when running into problems.

The benefits of using experts

  • Fast & effortless
    You'll have a professional future-proof installation. You don't need to worry about a thing. That's taken care of.
  • Experienced
    We know the limitations of the tools and have done a lot of implementation in the past. We'll foresee future demands and requests and know how to best track data for easy interpretation and analysis.
  • Result-based
    Stop wasting time looking for tracking errors and difficulties in a web analytics implementation. We are familiar with the hazards and pitfalls and tackle them on-the-fly.
  • Creative solutions
    Probably not a criteria you would expect for data experts. But knowing and using the full scope of an web analytics package, sometimes in a not-so-common way, can provide you with insights that keep you ahead of the competition.

Trust & Respect

We respect your privacy, the privacy of your customers and your corporate data. We offer you maximum security and transparency. How?

  • A non-disclosure agreement for the project
  • Respect for the European GDPR legislation (when applicable)
  • Restricted access by IP-address or your corporation's VPN if needed

We cannot stress this enough. You are in full control: Restricted access and easy removal of accounts at your discretion.


Clients include:
Mazda Europe, Spar, Academic Transfer, Diabetesvereniging Nederland, Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland, RWE (Essent), Stage Entertainment

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