Implementation Strategies & Prices

How much does a professional web analytics implementation cost? Avoid surprises and get a fixed price. It's an investment that has a great return on investment (ROI). You'll gather valuable insights on your visitor's behaviour.

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Fixed price web analytics implementation

Get a professional web analytics implementation for a fixed price. No surprises. On go-live, we validate if the data is collected and everything is in working order. After the sign-off, you (still) have full ownership and are free to do what you please. It's that easy.

Our three implementation strategies

There are three implementation strategies to choose from:

Need something specific?
If you have specific needs or demands, we can help you too. We can help you with a customized web analytics setup. Schedule a free call to discuss it and get a quote within 24 hours.

Our implementation strategies


Web Analytics implementation

  • Pageviews
    (Virtual) pageview tracking
  • Event tracking
    Scroll dept, outbound links, e-mail/telephone clicks<
  • Filters
    E.g. IP addresses, naming convention, Payment Server Provider exclusion
  • On-site Search
    Measuring the search terms used on the website
  • Goal tracking
    Set-up and validation of up to 5 goals

This included the activation of Google Webmastertools (Google Search Console) and the use of Google Tag Manager.

1.950 EUR excl. VAT

From start to go-live in 5 working days


Expert Web Analytics consists of the Standard Web Analytics implementation including:

  • Non-interrupted data
    (between old & new version of your website)
  • Optimized channel settings
    We will be looking at traffic sources from the past
  • Content grouping
    For in-dept analyses of the content on your website
  • Two independent Analytics profiles
    Development and live analytics profiles will be seperated
  • Custom filters
    URL exclusion, URL cleanup, on-site search terms
  • E-commerce tracking
    Standard e-commerce tracking including information on transactions, ordered products and revenue

2.800 EUR excl. VAT

From start to go-live in 8 working days


Standard Web Analytics within 48 hours.

A fully operational standard Web Analytics implementation within 48 hours, regardless the day of the week. Guaranteed!

3.200 EUR excl. VAT

From start to go-live in 48 hours!

Which one to choose?

Not sure which implementation strategy to choose? There's a checklist and comparison between strategies allowing you to select the right implementation strategy. Of course, we're more than happy to talk to you during an intake call. When having doubts choosing the right implementation strategy, let us know. We are here to help and we can discuss your demands and needs.

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Check out our transparant fixed pricing model for the implementation of web analytics and the way we work. You can also meet one of the experts by setting up a conference call. Pick your timeslot to arrange a webmeeting to discuss your project and meet your dedicated expert.

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