What do I need to measure?

What kind of web analytics implementation do I need? There are differences between different implementation strategies. Find out which one fits your needs.

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Which implementation strategy do I need?

You need help with choosing the right implementation strategy? We understand these features and options for different strategies can be overwhelming and may sound like Abracadabra to you.

We've made a checklist that can help you with selecting the right implementation strategy.

Implementation comparison

  • Standard Web Analytics implementation

    Whether you have a commercial website, non-profit organization or association, a standard implementation will do the job. The general rule we like to use:
    • your website has up to 10.000 unique visitors a month
    • your website is generating less than $5.000 revenue a month
    • your website isn't an e-commerce platform and/or uses Payment Service Providers
    If all of the above is true, this implemention will porbably get you all the insights you need for a good Return on Investment (ROI).
    80% of our customers select a standard implementation.
  • Expert Web Analytics implementation

    An Expert implementation is the right choice if you have an e-commerce website. You want to have in-dept insights from your traffic sources to find our where the revenue if coming from. The e-commerce tracking (included) allows you to see revenue-streams and get detailed information on number of transactions, average orders, type of products and product categories. It's the way to go if you're serious about doing business online. You want to choose an Expert Web Analytics implementation if:
    • your website has 10.000+ unique visitors per month
    • your website is generating the majority of revenue for your organization (bannering, advertisements, transactions, orders, downloads)
    • your website is an e-commerce platform
    98% of retailers select a expert implementation.
  • Fast Web Analytics implementation

    Sometimes you don't have the luxery to wait. We live in a fast world and delays cost time & money. With a fast implementation, you'll be able to go live with a 100% working web analytics implementation. Guaranteed! It included all features, except e-commerce tracking. You want to choose a Fast Web Analytics implementation if:

    • there's a big release with press coverages and (free) publicity
    • uou expect a traffic peek and want to know the traffic sources (where are the potential customers hanging out online?)
    • you've invested in advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising) and want to calculate the ROI as soon as possible

    Why not e-commerce tracking you wonder? Implementing e-commerce tracking also involves adding data and implementing some changes in your back-end and therefore cannot be guaranteed withing 48 hours. This feature will be added later and is included in the price (just not within 48 hours).

Implementation strategies & prices or the benefits of outsourcing

You're not sure which strategy is right for you?
When having doubts choosing the right implementation strategy, let us know. Same goes when you've got specific wished that aren't mentioned on this page. We're more than happy to talk to you during an introduction call. Schedule a meeting to talk to one of our experts. Free of charge, not strings attached. You select your preferred date & time. We are here to help!

Should I use a tag manager?

Maybe you've heard your IT department or development team talking about the pros and cons of the use of a Tag Manager? And perhaps some members are growling a little bit. Probably it's fear of the unknown and afraid of losing control. It's all perfectly natural. We've made a list of the pros and cons of a tag manager.

Next Step

Check out our transparant fixed pricing model for the implementation of web analytics and the way we work. You can also meet one of the experts by setting up a conference call. Pick your timeslot to arrange a webmeeting to discuss your project and meet your dedicated expert.

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