Web Analytics Installation

Get a professional, reliable and easy to maintain Google Analytics or Matomo web analytics installation. We will help you with the implementation of your favorite analytics software so you can start gathering insights from the start.

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Our expertise

Implementing web analytics on your website, app or intranet

You're about to launch your (new) website, app or intranet. Great! Maybe you ran into time restriction and/or challenges in the design & development phase and your development team hasn't been able to implement the web analytics software. Or perhaps you just forgot or the budget wasn't sufficient!

Benefits of Digital Optimizers
Whatever reason, you want to start tracking your tool from the get-go. Don't miss out on the traffic peak at the beginning and gather valuable insights from where your visitors are from, which pages they are visiting and in which step of the order funnel they leave.

Digital Optimizers is the right partner when looking for:

  • A fast implementation
    of your preferred web analytics software (Google Analytics or Matomo Analytics)
  • Qualitative future-proof installation
    with professional naming conventions and the use of a tag manager
  • Data integrity & validation
    You will be measuring what you need to measure. We will make sure of it!
  • Effortless hand-over
    An installation that's easy to understand and easy to maintain by your employees or local agency

Choose an implementation strategy or learn why we are experts

Want to go fast? Guaranteed live within 48 hours! Does it have to be done by yesterday? Don’t look any further, whether it’s a working day or the weekend. We will have a standard Google Analytics implementation up and running within 48 hours. Learn how

Next Step

Check out our transparant fixed pricing model for the implementation of web analytics and the way we work. You can also meet one of the experts by setting up a conference call. Pick your timeslot to arrange a webmeeting to discuss your project and meet your dedicated expert.

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