Get powerfull insights from your existing web analytics

It's all about getting valuable insights from your web analytics data, allowing you to improve your online customer experience and strengthen your relationship with your (potential) customers.

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Gain valuable insights with our Web Analytics Insights

You have installed web analytics and are seeing a lot of data. Are you wondering what to do with the data and how to interpret it? Don’t worry, you’re at the right address. Digital Optimizers is specialized in translating hard data into understandable and relatable visitors behaviour. Whether it’s your sales funnel, the initial engagement on your tool or the critical moments where visitors drop off, we provide you with a complete picture of what’s happening in your application.

Are you familiar with one of these situations?

  • You’re looking for information that's just a little bit more in dept than the average pageviews, bounce rates and goal tracking
  • You’ve got your web analytics set-up, but you are not sure how to interpret the data
  • You’re in a redesign phase and need to get best practices and valuable insights from your current website, app or intranet to brief your design team or agency

Deliverable: Analytics Insights Report

You’ll receive an in depth and detailed analysis of customer behaviour linked to the web analytics data. If possible, combined with flowcharts, deep-dives and screenshots of your website. You’ll be able to take this data and share it with your colleagues, stakeholders and external agencies.

Every report is unique and we'll explore the areas we think has the most value for your business. We'll cover topics like:

  • Customer behaviour
    When do visitors visit your website? How? What time? With which devices? Are these existing customers or potential customers?
  • Search behaviour
    What are visitors looking for? Can they find it on your website? Which words are valuable and which terms are missing on your website?
  • Most valuable traffic sources
    Are there hidden gems? Are you sending taffic to the wrong landing pages causing high bounce rates? Is your paid, earned or owned media working for you?
  • Most valuable pages
    Which are the most valuables pages on your website? Are these the pages you think they are? Probably not.
  • Visitors interaction on pages
    Do visitors scroll, do they click, do they interact with elements on your website?
  • E-commerce data
    Do you buy your products? How often? What's the time between orders? Are there products and categories that need to be improved?
  • Conversion Optimization
    Based on the data, we can also give hypothesis (if you do this, than that might be better) for further improvements. These are based on the customer's behaviour but need to be tested (A/B-testing) to back it up with data.
  • Suggestions for web analytics improvements
    If we encounter issues with your web analytics implementation, we'll note them and make suggestions on how to solve these issues.

Every report is unique!
Every report Digital Optimizers creates, is unique. There is no automation involved when writing reports. We plan and take time to get to know your business, your website and your implementation in order to get you the most valuable insights!

Is my web analytics implementation good enough for insights?

You're not sure whether your web analytics implementation is collecting all the data? Don't worry. Even with a basic implementation, we can extract valuable insights for you. If we encounter issues, we'll include them in the report so you can brief your development team.

If you're not sure about the quality of your web analytics implementation, we can do a Analytics Audit. We'll check your implementation and give tips & advice on how to improve the tracking.

Analytics Insights report price

A web analytics Insights report will cost € 1.200 excl. VAT. You'll receive a detailed report (pdf/word) with all our insights, issues we've encountered and suggestions on how to fix the issues and (conversion) optimization suggestion for taking your website to the next level and boost online conversions.

Benefits of using an external expert

Why use external experts?
It sounds easier than it is: looking at the data and discovering valuable insights you can use to finetune your online services or really make sure visitors find what they were looking for. And quite often, it's even harder if you're trying to analyse your own website. Using jargon, knowing where to find what information and understanding the subject from an expert's perspective makes looking at your own data hard! And that's understandable.

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