Web Analytics services for Agencies

Need to implement web analytics software for your client? Want to interpret data to gain valuable insights for a pitch? Make data-driven designs and let Digital Optimizers help you with your implementation, audit and insights.

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Web Analytics as a Service

Having to rush to meet the client’s deadlines, does not always give you a lot of time to do the things that aren’t that sexy. No, it’s true, let’s be honest about this. The implementation of web analytics isn’t sexy and it’s not something a lot of clients focus on when reviewing the tool before signing off on it. Or you want to install it but there's no know-how or specialized person within your organization to get the job done.

Our web analytics services are valuable when:

  • You see the added value of data-driven marketing and data-driven design
  • You can prove to your clients (and your own organization) the things you’re doing are working
  • you're always monitoring and optimizing (or at least say you are...)
  • You see potential revenue with existing customers and want data to pinpoint where to focus on next

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Don't miss out on valuable data

The Digital Optimizers web analytics service for agencies provides you with:

  • 100% care-free implementation
    A care-free implementation of web analytics from A to Z on tools, websites and apps your agency creates
  • Fast & reliable service
    A single point of contact, which means short lines of communication. We’re working for several agencies and know how the game is played
  • Technical support
    We can assist with the implementation of the tag manager and analytics and offer technical support for your front-end or back-end team

We do the work, your agency get the credits! We can work as an integrated team within your agency. The name Digital Optimizers does not need to be shown anywhere.

Our services

Digital Optimizers offers you a solution for your web analytics implementations. We’ve got experience with working for agencies and can help your agency and your client at the same time. We can assist you with:

Pitch with data-driven insights

You want to have the upper hand when pitching your concept? Distinguish yourself from the competitors? Don't rely on gut feeling and use existing web analytics data & market trends to build your case and present the best possible solution for your (future) client. Avoid opinions and feelings and let the data do the hard work for you! It's the fastest and best way to gain the trust of your client and proof you're listening to the customers and have a data-driven approach methodology. View our Analytics Insights

Next Step

View all our services and decide for yourself if you see business opportunities. We're helping agencies with acquiring new clients through pitches, helped with revitalizing existing relationships (analytics scan, discovering new areas to improve) and helped agencies with showing the added value of their designs & projects.

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