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We're Digital Optimizers. Our focus is on data-driven optimization of the (online) customer experience. We're independent online experts specialized in optimizing the online customer experience with data-driven tools & techniques.

About Digital Optimizers

We are Digital Optimizers, an online agency specializing in optimizing the customer experience. With over 15 years of experience in the job, we continue to grow and help our customers with interpreting, understanding and acting on data. We’ve gained the trust of multinational corporations, like Philips, Mazda, Spar, KLM and Stage Entertainment.

Our strength is understanding the need of our customers. We help customers with the translation of data into customer behaviour and opportunities for improving the online customer experience. We implement web analytics and help with the creation of qualitative and quantitative surveys to gain valuable insights.

Our specialisation

We are specialised in:

  • Web Analytics
    A professional implementation of web analytics software on your website, app or intranet. We audit running web analytics implementations and get insights based on data from web analytics and customer experience tools, like, e.g. Hotjar, Usabilla. Our services
  • Top Task Methodology
    A methodology created by Gerry McGovern. We are a proud partner of Customer Carewords Ltd, the company of Gerry McGovern. Find out more
  • Task Performance Indicators
    A qualitative remote usability research methodology
  • Customer Centric Index
    A survey created by Digital Optimizers and Customer Carewords. This free survey software will tell you what visitors on your website find annoying and what they appreciate. More at
  • Conversion Optimization
    We help our clients and other agencies with A/B & multivariate testing, UX challenges and optimisation of flows and customer journeys

Digital Optimizers employees

  • have a Google Analytics individual qualification;
  • are Nielsen/Norman Group (NN/g) UX certified;
  • have an MIT Human-Computer Interaction for User Experience Design xPro certification
  • have knowledge of Javascript, HTML and CSS
  • can assist with front-end development and e-mailmarketing

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Meet Guy Stratermans, the founder at Digital Optimizers. It’s his goal to provide visitors with the best possible customer experience. And the best way to do this is by using data. Data can be used to give a unique experience and provide a pleasant and effortless online / offline customer experience. More about Guy Stratermans at LinkedIn.

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